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Experience hassle-free express shipping to any part of the world at economy prices.

Why prefer us to a courier company ?

It’s hassle free and secure

No Packaging

Connect with the Traveller to fix exactly where and when you want the pickup

Identity Verification

We perform extensive background check before connecting you to a Traveller

Safety & Reliability

We provide insurance of upto INR 25,000 for every package shipped with us

Set your schedule

Connect with the Traveller to fix exactly when you want the pickup

Fastest transit times

Express shipping at unbelievable speeds to over 90 cities

Real-time tracking

Stay updated about your package location anytime

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Tell us about your requirements and we’ll connect you to our travellers. Also we will show you the documentaiton and guidelines needed for the countries you ship to

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Just upload your Registration, Identity proof and the necessary information once and start shipping.

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Once you’re approved to join with us as a merchant, we’ll provide details of traveller routes to you ahead of schedule.