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What We Do

BECKFriends is a peer to peer delivery service that lets travelers monetize their excess luggage space by carrying verified parcels.
BECKFriends enables
  1. Buyers to buy items from anywhere and have it shipped through a traveler.
  2. Businesses to send their products around the globe at affordable rates.
  3. Travelers to earn as they travel.
Earn Cash and Good Karma
Turn your trips into cash and rewards with Earn as you travel between cities. Join our global network of travellers.
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Shop Anything from Anywhere
Buy anything you want from anywhere and have a traveller deliver it to you at reasonable charges. Become a global shopper!
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Imagine What You Can Send
Oversized? Hard to Ship? Local or wordwide, BeckFriends simplifies shipping as a convenient, low-cost delivery service at express speed.
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